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Why winners aren't the only ones who benefit from Washington's Lottery

It’s amazing to think how one small action can lead to a bigger impact. Like putting coins into someone’s expired parking meter or buying coffee for the next person in line.

These small acts aren’t just satisfying to do. They create a fun way to imagine how that act may have created a domino effect of good.

Buying a Washington’s Lottery ticket is the same – it’s knocking over that first domino. You get the fun of imagining what you would do if you won, and the satisfaction of knowing you helped benefit the entire state.

“People feel good about playing the Lottery because even if they don’t win, they know that their dollars are going to good causes,” said Marcus Glasper, Director of Washington’s Lottery.

“In our case, all of the additional funds that don’t go towards our prizes, really go toward state programs that benefit all of Washington’s citizens.”

Just last year, Washington’s Lottery contributed $127 million to education.

The College Bound Scholarship is one program that benefited. It provides financial aid to low-income students who might not have been able to afford college otherwise.

Karl Gapuz, a fourth-grade teacher in Beacon Hill, graduated from the University of Washington because of this scholarship. He now stresses the importance of college to his students.

“When we think about college nowadays, we also associate it with a lot of stuff,” said Gapuz. “We think about barriers – one of them being money, and usually sometimes that could be the #1 barrier. So having the College Bound Scholarship really [gives] that opportunity.”

Small businesses around the state also get a leg up from Washington’s Lottery. Neighborhood retailers earn money from their sales of Lottery tickets. Over $34 million went to retailers like ABC Convenience Grocery in Des Moines, Wash. last year.

This helps support them with general expenses or rent. And in some cases, gives them the freedom to keep the domino effect going.

Yun McBride, owner of ABC, started an annual golf tournament that funds scholarships for deserving students in Des Moines and Normandy Park.

“Everybody looks forward to it,” said McBride of the annual tournament. “It’s local customers, some of the vendors and we try to have some fun. The thing is, if you can donate money and have fun, how can you go wrong?”

There are countless ways that Washington’s Lottery benefits people and businesses all over the state. Not to mention individual winners, who took home over $422.5 million last year.

Imagine what you would do if you won. Even better, imagine who you’ll benefit just by playing.

Washington’s Lottery is proud to contribute to the people, community, and organizations that make our state so great. To learn more, visit