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Catch every triple axel up close and personal. (Photo Courtesy Ballard Station Public House)<p></p>

Where to Watch the 2018 Winter Olympics

The 2018 Winter Olympics are almost upon us! From February 9 through the 25th in Pyeongchang, South Korea, athletes will be giving it their all in a mad grab for the 102 medals looking for a new owner. There are seven different sports, with 15 different arms across the spectrum. From freestyle skating and ice hockey to luge and skeleton, there's no denying this stretch of February every four years is a riveting one. Cheer on your favorite athletes and bask in reflected glory with a beer in hand at any of the five following bars that will be proudly screening the international competition this year. Go USA!


Everyones favorite ivy covered watering hole will be screening the action across multiple screens. Order a pitcher or two for the gang and just be glad you're inside where it's nice and toasty.

The Westy

The Westy has two locations in Roosevelt and West Seattle. Both will have the games on, so order yourself any one of their top notch burgers and tots and marvel at what the human body can do - we're talking about the athletes, not how many tots you can eat in 60 seconds!

Ballard Station Public House

Catch every triple axel up close and personal. Ballard Station Public House has Directv, so pull up a chair at the bar, order yourself a tall one and marvel at human beings defying gravity on the big screen.


This beloved SODO biker bar is the perfect spot to kick back with a fistful of peanuts and ice cold Rainier. Come for the dive-y vibes and free nuts, stay for theh edge of your seat Winter Olympics action!


Located deep in Columbia City, Rookie's in the perfect spot to enjoy a plate of hot wings and figure out what exactly the deal is with skeleton. Rookie's opens at 11am on the weekday and 9am on the weekend, meaning you can catch every last bit of the action. The best thing about this spot? You can sit pretty much anywhere and catch the action on any given one of their tv sets.