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It really doesn't get more Seattle-y than this old school staple that lives right at the corner of First and Pike. (Photo: Chona Kasinger / Seattle Refined)<p></p>

Seattle's 5 Best Newsstands (where print is alive and well)

Have no illusions, the world of print has definitely seen better days. Despite this plain fact, there are a number of local spots that uphold the legacy of the printed word. Breathe in the sweet unmistakeable scent of ink on paper at the following five Seattle newsstands.

Bulldog News

Located right off the Ave, this old standby stocks everything from trade magazines you won't find anywhere else to the old standbys like the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and more. Make it a classic Seattle morning and walk out of here with a paper under your arm and tasty americano in hand from the walk up window - the coffee here combined with the brisk air of a Seattle morning is the perfect way to jumpstart the a.m. Come on the right day and you can even take advantage of the cute outdoor parklet situation.

4208 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105

First and Pike News

It really doesn't get more Seattle-y than this old school staple that lives right at the corner of First and Pike. The classic spot stocks national and local newspapers and magazines from all over the world along with more touristy items (it is Pike Place Market after all) like calendars and postcards. Looking for a specific gossip rag? You're in luck, you'll most certainly be able to read all about it here.

93 Pike St
Seattle, WA 98101

Cafe Presse

If you find yourself in the neighborhood, Presse touts a well curated selection of newspapers and magazines that you'll find right as you walk through the door. Order yourself an espresso or nice glass of red wine and spend an hour or two leafing through the pages of Vanity Fair or whatever else strikes your fancy.

1117 12th Ave
Seattle, WA 98122


Nestled in Uwajimaya, this store can be a little overwhelming at first glance. An explosion of colors, comics, books, knick knacks and avid shoppers; a Kinokuniya is a definite feast for the eyes. Find your way to the magazine corner and you'll be greeted with a vast assortment of international mags and much more. Good luck walking out without more than you need though, this bookstore is full of kawaii temptations.

Uwajimaya Village
525 South Weller Street
Seattle, WA 98104

News at Northgate

Tucked away at the end of Northgate Mall by Red Robin, you'll find a robust selection of magazines and newspapers at this mom and pop magazine stand. From Billboard and Bon Appetit to Rolling Stone and Glamour, you're bound to find the perfect read for your nightly kickback.

Northgate Mall
401 NE Northgate WAy
Seattle, WA 98125
At south end, by food court