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Kyle and Rebecca's Desks
For years now the two have worked on the same campus, but in different offices. Now they work mere inches from each other in the living room. (Photo: Courtesy of Kyle Beckett)

Working From Home with Your Partner: Tips from a couple who's worked together for 10 years

While dating your co-worker is frowned upon by many jobs for obvious reasons, and many married folk cannot fathom working every day with their spouses, some couples can actually pull it off. Kyle and Rebecca Beckett have been doing it for over ten years now. But things have gotten a bit more interesting when they were forced to set up shop at home with their two kids due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Beckett’s work for radio station SPIRIT 105.3 FM in Shoreline. Rebecca serves as the Content Coordinator for the station’s website, social media channels and the blog, Kyle is the Digital Production Supervisor for all of CRISTA Media’s stations including Spirit.

For years now the two have worked on the same campus, but in different offices. Now they work mere inches from each other in the living room with a lovely view of their children’s play space. While Kyle lucked out with a real desk, Rebecca got stuck with the card table (we’re not sure how that decision was made). They do everything together including coffee runs.

“It’s good to synchronize our moments when we step away to re-caffeinate,” says Kyle.

While this situation might be a little too close for comfort for some, it’s working quite well for these two lovebirds who swear that neither one have any annoying habits. So, what are the benefits of working from home with one’s spouse?

“Our jobs intersect a lot so I don't actually have to get up and walk to his desk or call him on the phone as he is literally right there,” says Rebecca. “Working with a spouse is fun because you can share what you are working on and the other person always understands.”

For Kyle, he enjoys the fact that the two can actually enjoy lunch together.

“Even though we work in the same building, we always eat at our own desks to keep our tasks moving along as we drop food crumbs into our keyboards. Or maybe that’s just me! So now we get that shoulder-to-shoulder eating time at home, while working. OK, so not much difference there.”

They say that one way to keep a marriage interesting is to keep learning new things about your spouse. The Beckett’s have learned a few new things about their spouses as well.

“He is much tidier than I am,” says Rebeca. “I have stuff all over my desk.”

“She’s a hummer,” says Kyle. “Music is playing, and I’m thinking, she’s humming! Sometimes I would pick up quiet, intermittent humming when we’re driving, but it’s more noticeable when you’re in work mode.”

Kyle and Rebecca also have to share their space with their two young co-workers, something that they don’t have to contend with on the CRISTA campus. So, who watches the kids?

“Are we supposed to be watching the kids?” Rebecca asks.

“We’re blessed to have a nearby grandma to help keep the kids on track with their school work while we attempt to fulfill all of our work requests during our 9-5ish schedule,” says Kyle. “After that, it is important to disengage from work mode to love on the kids before bedtime.”

While this might sound bliss, not everything goes smoothly for this family.

“There’s no part of this that isn’t crazy!” says Kyle. “Everyone in our house are all very much creatures of habit. We need our routines. To that end, we aim to 'simulate' our normal routines as much as possible from home. But that in itself ends up pretty crazy as our daughter in particular isn’t as interested in our simulation.”

Rebecca has her laments as well. “I don't have enough sweatpants or yoga pants to work at home this much.”

The Beckett’s offer some sage advice for others finding themselves working at home:

“Be flexible,” says Rebecca. “Stock up on the coffee so you don't have to leave the house. Embrace your sweatpants.”

“Depending on your personalities or your jobs, it may or may not work to have your desks side-by-side or even in the same room,” adds Kyle. “It works out well for us as we’re both very easy-going and fairly relaxed people. If your personalities are more abrasive or opinionated, I might recommend separate rooms. Also, maybe take into consideration which rooms have locks!”