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(Image: Courtesy of All Home Connections)

What's Washington's most popular Halloween costume, you ask?

Wait... you're not dressing up for Halloween this year? Just because the CDC advises against tradition trick-or-treating and your favorite bar won't be throwing a crowded costume party?!

Lame! Dress up anyways — we've been doing everything else from our homes this year, anyways.

We recently posted about Washington's favorite Halloween candy, but what about our state's "most popular" costume? All Home Connections, an online sales agent of AT&T, used Google Trends to find each state's most-searched Halloween costume.

The most-searched Halloween costume in Washington this year is a clown!

Clowns are one of the most versatile costumes, in my opinion — Pennywise from "It," a traditional circus clown or me when I send a risky text after one too many glasses of cabernet. The possibilities are truly endless.

And when it comes to the whole United States, 2020's most-searched costume is Spider-Man.

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