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John with daughters Abby & Hayley. (Image: Beverly Magee)

What Dad really wants for Father's Day

Mother's Day is long behind us, but unlike the big day for moms, sometimes Father's Day sneaks up on us. Some dads we spoke with even asked us, "When is Father's Day?"

Even though there isn't much hooplah around Father's Day, they tell us, they'd still like to be acknowledged. Here are what a few of them around Seattle would like for the big day.

Andy: "I'd like peace and tranquility."

Wella: "I know what you want! The puppy we're getting on Saturday."

"Oh, that's right, we're getting a puppy!" There goes the peace and tranquility."
- Andy (father to daughter Wella)

"All I want for Father's Day is a healthy baby come December. After losing our first two, we are so hopeful to keep this current one. That would be an incredible gift!"
- Jeff

"I'm not gonna lie. I want fishing poles. That would be nice."
- Tarvist (father of one)

"Love from our girlies and their mommy. And of course time with us just as a family - maybe a hike, maybe a picnic, maybe a movie. But most importantly, just time to be together, especially since they have been away at college this year!"
- John (father of two)

"Fishing poles sound nice. Or an iPad Mini."
- Enrico (father of two)

"Because I'm often found at the office, all I am asking for is a day with no email, no social media and no phone calls, but the day has to be spent with the kids!! #Seriously!"
- Aaron (father of three)

"A record June snowstorm in Seattle. It'd be on a Sunday so I wouldn't have to work (well, unless it's like a foot or something) and how cool would it be to build a Father's Day snowman? - Scott (father of two)

"What I really want for Father's Day is a day with my kids and wife. A day where I can watch them play, enjoy, and experience life. With our work schedules, we don't get much family time that isn't already booked by something else (errands, other family, etc). I just want to spend it with them. All of that, plus French toast!" - JR (father of three)

"I already have what I want from my children for Father's Day: their love and friendship. There's no-one else I'd rather spend time with than my kids. We have a great time together and share many laughs and fond memories. Nothing is more important to me than to be hanging out with, or at least to be in close contact with, my children. I feel truly blessed that that is the case!" - Dan Lewis (father of three)

"Life as a father is wonderful and I am so very grateful for the opportunity. Our children are my bucket list and anything else is a bonus." - Mike (father of five, yes five!)