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While Memorial Day does mean a day off work, it's important to take some time to remember what the holiday is really about. (Image: KOMO News)

What are you doing this Memorial Day weekend?

If you're like any other working stiff, you've most likely been looking forward to this long weekend since your last day off (probably February for President's Day). In addition to taking some time to honor those we lost, here are some events going on around Seattle you should be sure to stop by.

Northwest Folklife Festival. The 43rd iteration of this northwest festival is happening this weekend, starting today and going through Monday. The festival itself is free and has everything from dance performances to panel presentations at Seattle Center.

Fremont Sunday Market. Ok, so this isn't Memorial Day specific, but it's still a great way to pass the time! And sometimes holiday weekends spur us to go do things we wouldn't necessarily do. If you haven't yet been - go this Sunday!
Sasquatch Festival. Not for the faint of heart, and not something to decide to do last minute. Sasquatch takes place the entire weekend (May 23-25) at The Gorge. Tickets are pricey (a three-day pass cost $325), but some great bands will be there: Mary Lambert, Foster The People and Outkast. Be sure to check back on throughout the weekend - we've got a man on the ground out there who will keep us updated with festival fashion, performances and more.

Jurassic Quest Return of the Dinosaurs. If you're a dinosaur buff (or your kids are!) check out this new exhibit at the Puyallup Events Center. It might be a trek, but is semi-cheap ($15-$24), and there is tons of hands on stuff to do for a full day of activities. You'll have NO problem getting the kids to sleep after this.

Museum of Flight Memorial Day Ceremony. Perhaps the most important thing you can do this weekend is take time to remember, and teach those who don't know, the meaning and importance of Memorial Day. True, it is a day off work, but the history behind the day is so much more than that. The Museum of Flight has a great ceremony honoring veterans and active miliary personnel, patriotic music, and more.