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Viral Bouquet Photo Credit Yvonne Wong Photography.jpg
Viral Bouquet Photo Credit Yvonne Wong Photography

Wedding bouquets that don't wilt may change your life

There are a few must-haves for every wedding. There's the dress, the ring, and of course... the flowers.

"They call me the asian Martha Stewart," explains Quynh Nguyen of Pink and Posey. Nguyen knows all about wedding bouquets and boutonnieres. She carefully creates them for the happy couples who hire her for their big day.

But take a closer look at these beautiful blooms. They aren't real flowers at all - they're fabulously faux, crafted in paper.

Although she's not an artist or botanist, Nguyen is basically a paper flower artist. She positively blooms when talking about her business.

From peonies, to dahlias, to hydrangeas. If it blossoms, she can make it.

"One of the things that that brought Kim and I together when we were first dating was a joint love of beer," said newlyweds Ryan Gantt and Kim Garrett. "I requested of Quynh that she put hops in my bouquet and their boutonnieres and other than that, I said I'm not picky, go for it. And she did a fantastic job."

Some couples are drawn to the realism of her flowers. For others like Kim, it's preserving some of that wedding magic long after the ceremony is over: paper flowers never wilt.

"I kept my bouquet and I get to keep it on our kitchen table, and it's just a lovely reminder of our wedding," said Garrett. Crepe paper, glue and wire combine to form 3-D works of art.

A former event planner, Nguyen started making flowers when a client asked for some paper blooms for her wedding.

"I said we can make it happen and we made it happen!" she laughs. "And we had this amazing photographer and the photographer took some really amazing photos of them and the photos went viral."

People fell in love with her creations. Now her empire is expanding to include classes, kits, and greeting cards. Her passion for creating helps couples celebrate their love on the biggest day of their lives.

"I never thought I wanted to make paper flower and it's now my passion. It hits all the wonderful spots of my OCD creating tiny little things and just making a lot of them."