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Courtesy: JustFoodForDogs

We Tried Dog Food And Honestly It Was Pretty Good

It's the good stuff. Premium meats, fresh fruits and veggies and whole grains, all cooked up right in front of your eyes. No, this isn't some new fast casual spot. It's JustFoodForDogs, and they make perfectly prepared plates for your pup.

"We are a human grade dog food company. We make food that betters the life of your pets, and yourself, by bringing more nutrients to the food, more wholesome diet and overall better quality of life," said Alex Gould, JustFoodForDogs Director of Business Development.

The company started in California more than a decade ago. Now, they've got kitchens all over the country, including a new one in Seattle's South Lake Union neighborhood.

"We cook fresh whole food ingredients to order from a different recipe that we sell from our shelves," explained Gould of the kitchen, which was buzzing with activity during our visit.

"Today we're doing our venison and squash. An array of fresh veggies, fresh venison. We're going to mix it up with some other ingredients, package it up and get it out of here. Everything is made [in this kitchen]. We're not bringing anything in. We cook it directly in front of the guest, so when they come in they see exactly what we're doing."

Each recipe is developed by the JustFoodForDogs nutrition team, which includes a number of veterinarians. Of course, quality comes with a cost, but Alex says a whole food diet will have your dog feeling happier and healthier.

"I know I treat my pets as a part of my family, and I know most people do too. And they want to see the best for them. The bonafide way to do that is to give them the nutrients they need," said Gould. "At the end of the day it does help you financially by not spending as much money at the vet. You're providing all those benefits up front instead of treating them and being reactive."

Fresh-frozen meals are available through retailers like Petco and Pet Food Express, or if you're in the neighborhood, you can stop by and let your discerning dog indulge in deli fresh offerings.

"We'll give you what we cooked either that day or the day prior," explained Gould. "You can take it home with you. People come and enjoy on our patio. They have their lunch while their dog has theirs too. It's great."

Of course, all the ingredients are certified for human consumption, so you better believe I tried some dog food for myself. Check out the video above to see what I thought.