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(Image: Century Ballroom Facebook)

Spice up your life with a little salsa dancing

Let's be honest, most people love to dance (mainly in the privacy of their own home) but, either way, people love to BREAK. IT. DOWN. That's why we're dedicating May to be our Unofficial Official Dance Month. You're welcome.

We've done hip-hop and pole-dancing, but this week, we're going a little spicier!

When it comes to ballroom dancing in Seattle, most people go to Century Ballroom on Capitol Hill. "The building was built in 1908 and all the trappings are original, even original wood floors give you a feeling of all the awesome dancing that was done here 100 years ago," said president Alison Cockrill. Now, Century offers all types of social dance classes, but we are all about salsa! We sent our our Unofficial Official Dance Team (aka web writer Gena Wynkoop and TV contributor Carey Brandenburg) to check it out.

So how did our dance team do? Owner Hallie Kuperman said they did awesome!

"They literally learned 3 weeks of dancing in 30 minutes," she said. "Salsa makes you feel sexy and it has a lot of turning and a lot of spinning and the music is really infectious."

Carey and Gena both agree, although ...

"Sexy would not be the word describe myself on the dance floor," laughed Carey.

You be the judge and check out the video.