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From top to bottom, inside and out, Tulalip Resort Casino is the epitome of “So Northwest.”

We know a place that defines the Northwest

There are a lot of things you can only find here in the Northwest: people throwing fish in the middle of a busy marketplace, the Space Needle, and a weather report determined by the visibility of “The Mountain.”

But, one of our favorite places that screams the Northwest is none other than Tulalip Resort Casino.

Winning design.

As you pull up to the entrance of Tulalip Resort Casino, you won’t be able to miss the gorgeous orca-shaped fountain. And let’s be honest, what animal symbolizes the Northwest better than the killer whale?

Throughout the resort and on the casino floor you’ll see tributes to the Tulalip Tribe, one of the Coast Salish Tribes of Puget Sound. The Tulalip Tribe took great care in paying homage to their people and the Puget Sound area when designing the Resort Casino, as seen with the architecture and design.

From traditional totem poles in the resort lobby to the casino ceiling that was designed to resemble the ocean, symbols of the Northwest are prevalent around every corner.

Fabulous food.

As we Northwestern-ers live in an area known for locally-sourced fish, dairy, and meat (among many others), it’s safe to say that we know good food. Tulalip Resort Casino is home to several restaurants that produce everything from the traditionally-prepared Tulalip salmon, made on an open fire pit at Blackfish (the restaurant itself is reminiscent of a Tulalip Longhouse), to artisan stone-fired pizza at Blazing Paddles with more than 50 delicious toppings to choose from.

Pike Place Market isn’t the only place to snag a “So Northwest” gift or souvenir for yourself. The Salal Marketplace at Tulalip Resort Casino has a plethora of Northwest-made and inspired products to choose from. Washington wines, Coast Salish design apparel, tribal art, and locally-made treats are just some of the goodies you’ll find.

From top to bottom, inside and out, Tulalip Resort Casino is the epitome of the Northwest.