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Watercolor, Pickling, Terrariums: You name it, there's a class for it at The Works

It's a weekday afternoon at The Works. People have dipped out of their daily routines to dip in to learning how to create with watercolors. Here, they offer students equal parts encouragements and education.

This special spot was created by Kellie Phelan.

"The Works is a place to feed your passions," she said. "It’s a place to gather, it’s a place to learn, it’s a place to connect."

The business started as a one-woman popup, teaching urban gardening and how to have chickens in the city.

"It became clear pretty early on that people were interested in those kind of, time-honored traditions and learning those sorts of skills," said Phelan.

Now it's expanded to offer an array of amazing classes, taught by experts in the field.

"It’s hard to name just a few because there’s so many different ones," she said. "But [in] addition to the watercolor class, we have a modern mixology class called Shrub Making - so the vinegar based drinks of shrubs. We’ve always got Terrariums on the schedule, it’s a hugely popular class."

Their number one class? Learning how to make pickles at home - it's called You Can Pickle That.

That's not the only unique option. A class coming up this summer is called Magic Honey Jar Manifestation.

"It sort of combines tapping into your intuition, and Tarot, and manifesting through and creating your own honey jar - to kind of carry you through the rest of the year," said Phelan.

Today, people are trying to capture the beauty of cacti. Even Refined's John Prentice and I had to get in on the fun.

They teach lots of skills at The Works. But the most important takeaway for students may be the confidence to try something new.

"If you’re thinking about dabbling in a new craft or learning something new you can come and learn it hands on from somebody," she said. "Everything we do is hands on, so you’re not just sitting and getting lectured at - you’re actually getting to try something and have somebody kind of take you by the hand and guide you through it. I think that’s kind of the magic that happens at this table."