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And guess what Washington's favorite sport is? Golf...(Image courtesy of Seattle Seahawks)<p></p>

Washington watches the seventh least amount of sports in the US

You could make an easy case for the Seahawks being the most popular major league team in Seattle....or is it?

According to a research done by USDirect, Washingtonians rank in the seventh spot for the least amount of sports watched in the U.S., with our favorite sport That's

Sure, we have PGA certified golf course Chambers Bay in our own backyard, but who would have thought one of the oldest sports in the world, would be the Evergreen States favorite sport.

Rankings were calculated based on three categories: TV-watching time, interest of a household in sports and interest of a household in TV/movies, taken from proprietary data sourced from product purchases, subscriptions, and surveys.

Each state’s favorite sport was taken from the average household interest in baseball, basketball, football, golf, hockey, skiing, soccer, and tennis based on data gathered from product purchases, subscriptions, and surveys.

West Virginia and Wyoming came in at the first and second spot respectively, with football being their favorite sport to watch.

Hawaii finished in last with golf being their favorite sport to watch.

Interesting enough, golf was the second favorite sports amongst Americans, with football coming in at the top spot.

Check out the full report here and where all the other states fell on the list.