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One Night Only: Take a guided tour through one of Seattle's oldest burial places

In the mood to go for a stroll? Through a cemetery?

The Rainier Valley Historical Society is offering guided tours through one of Seattle's oldest burial places. The sign outside The Comet Lodge Cemetery on Beacon Hill reads that the historic - and now defunct - burial ground was founded in 1895.

Katharine Anthony from the Society is your graveyard tour guide, and she says this Beacon Hill cemetery has a checkered past and is the final resting place of some interesting people and extremely detailed, beautiful headstones.

"Everyone here was someone to someone," said Anthony. "And it's important to remember those people."

Tours will take place on November 2, 2019, though, at the time of this writing there are only a few tickets left. But fret not, Anthony says she will most likely host more Halloween-time cemetery tours next year.

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