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You're looking at the #1 fountain right here! (Photo: Flickr/Curtis Cronn,

UW wins Most Picturesque College Fountain in U.S.

The gorgeous cherry blossoms aren't the only thing on the University of Washington campus that catches national attention! chose 15 of the Most Picturesque College Fountains and University of Washington's Drumheller Fountain comes in at the number one spot!

The Drumheller Fountain itself is beautiful, but the backdrop is extraordinary - Mount Rainier in all of its glory. It's not a surprise that this is the most photographed spot on campus. The fountain is also home to a family of ducks that moves in every spring. UW has designed a ramp that enables ducklings to waddle in and out of the pond until they are ready to spread their wings and fly. Kind of like their students too! How poetic.

Lawnstarter chose the following fountains at four-year colleges and universities in the U.S. based on their eye-catching designs, their picturesque nature or both.