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(Image: Seattle Refined)

Zoey Update! Has our Pup o' the Month found a home?!

A few weeks ago we met Zoey, a two-year-old blue pitbull/staffordshire, who has been waiting for over a year to be adopted. That's over half of her life that she has been without a loving home. Zoey was rescued by Saving Great Animals, a local service that rehabilitates and re-homes dogs in need. We love the work that SGA does and have worked with them in the past (remember George?!), and decided we would help them and Zoey out by finding the pup a forever home. In fact, we decided to do it once a month in a new little project we're calling "Refined to the Rescue"!

We published our article, sent out a few tweets, drafted some Facebook posts, and lo' and behold - the applications for Zoey's adoption started rollin' in! After receiving seven applications, Zoey had her first meet-and-greet this past weekend, and to our pleasure, is going on a trial adoption!

Cue, the Trevino family. The Trevino's saw Zoey's story on Seattle Refined and were intrigued, but a bit hesitant as they had just lost their bulldog a few months ago and weren't quite ready to move on yet. But - after seeing Zoey's beautiful smiling face in person, how could they even resist?! The Trevino's are a sweet couple with two kids in their early twenties, who are ready to give their love to sweet Zoey.

According to the Trevino's, Zoey is settling in nicely and is being very polite in their house! See the gallery for some photos of Zoey's first meetings with the family. She is, naturally, begging for belly rubs. What else would they expect?!

Our fingers are crossed that this adoption works for both Zoey and the Trevinos! Stay tuned for more updates, we will of course, keep you all in the loop! Also - thanks for all your support. We couldn't do it without all of the sharing and caring!