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True Life: I'm in a long distance relationship with my energy healer, & it's rad

Hi! My name is Lizzie and I’m in a complicated relationship with my bladder.

I should explain. In early high school I was diagnosed with a condition called Interstitial Cystitis, also known as painful bladder syndrome.And let me assure you, kids, it’s just as fun as it sounds! Basically, from time to time when it’s feeling really sassy, my bladder decides to rebel against me. I could be having a perfectly normal week when BAM, suddenly my bladder feels like it’s filled with tiny, angry trolls ramming torches into my skin. These flares be debilitatingly painful, and also embarrassing because it means that I have to go to the bathroom. A lot. If you’ve ever been graced with the thrilling experience of having a urinary tract infection, it feels like that. Times a million. It’s both sexy and fun. Lucky me!

I go through phases of trying to tell myself that it’s not that bad, but then I remind myself that now, nearing 30, I’ve been dealing with the joys of blaring bladder pain for over half my life. In that time I’ve tried everything; I’ve spent long nights in chronic bladder pain chat rooms (a real thing!), ordered questionable herbal supplements off the internet (they haven’t killed me yet!), completely overhauled my diet, meditated, the list goes on. If it promises to reduce my symptoms even in the slightest, I will throw myself at it. I’m better now at managing my symptoms than when I was first diagnosed, but flares still happen from time to time and are truly horrendous.As you can imagine, when I read that energy healing can be helpful for people with chronic pain, I leapt at the chance to try it out.

When you think of energy healing it’s likely that you’re probably envisioning something similar to what I was: chanting for hours on end, flowery language, somebody putting a curse on me, who knows? The idea of doing any of these things with a stranger was mortifying. What if they hypnotized me or something? What if they recorded our sessions and then posted them on YouTube? A few years ago I read about a man who turned over all of his savings to a woman who claimed to be a psychic. Was this going to happen to me? Would my energy healer talk me into handing over my dog in exchange for a mystical healing of my bladder? Was I crazy?

Conveniently, I know somebody who recently got into energy healing and felt like somebody who I could absolutely trust. I met Anne through work a few years back and have kept in touch with her ever since; bonding over our love of dogs, interest in weird things wellness related, and cheering each other on from afar as we navigate the constant terrifying adventure that is being an adult and figuring out what the hell you’re doing. Anne mentioned that she had worked with a few other people to figure out the root cause of their chronic pain and also didn’t seem like the kind of person who would persuade me into donating my dog to the cause of energy healing, Sign me up!

Anne lives in the Midwest, so all of our sessions happen over FaceTime. Before our first scheduled call I had a few moments of panic; this was insane. I should just cancel the entire thing. What if she asked me to do something I wasn’t comfortable with? What was I doing with my life? If I hadn’t recovered from a flare the day before, I might not have hopped on that call. But I was feeling desperate, I was exhausted from trying to catch up on the work that I had missed when my bladder was being mean to me, and I was ready to be open minded. Here goes nothing, y’all.

During our first session Anne patiently explained to me that energy healing, instead of being some sort of modern-day-witchcraft, was really about understanding recurring emotions throughout my lifetime. Energy healing was about identifying thought patterns that might not be particularly productive (think things like “I’m not good enough for XYZ”), and teaching me ways to gently say BYE GIRL to the energy that doesn’t serve me. It’s thought that holding onto the energy of those emotions or beliefs could be manifesting as physical pain in the body. In my case, by way of bladder pain. When I’m stressed I tend to shrug my shoulders up next to my ears, so the idea that we hold energy in our bodies didn’t seem completely bogus to me. I’m also, I should add, a yoga teacher when I’m not writing about my escapades in wellness. The whole body-mind connection is really my thing.

The first consultation call flew by. Anne asked me a few pointed questions, connected with the energy of my body, and had me recite a few phrases to “cleanse” my body of negative thought patterns or beliefs that I might be holding on to. I kept thinking to myself “you are certifiably bananas for agreeing to do this”, but surprisingly a lot of what Anne said really made sense. Every time that we cleansed or “released” some kind of negative word or idea from my body, Anne talked me through replacing it with something positive instead. For example, rather than thinking things like “I’m not good enough”, Anne instructed me to say things like “I am enough” aloud. I noticed that saying these mantras (and acknowledging all of the less than awesome things I was holding onto) really did make my body feel more relaxed. Stress and tension only make my condition worse, so finding any sort of relaxation is huge.

When I got off the call I, admittedly, forgot about what had happened and went about my week like I usually do: fully caffeinated, slightly disheveled, and running at a million miles a minute. When we hopped onto our next consultation call and Anne asked about my pain levels I looked back and flipped out; I hadn’t had any symptoms since our call. My angsty bladder definitely did feel a lot better, as if perhaps it had decided to handle life a bit more reasonably. We had a few more sessions over the next few weeks where we talked about deeper emotions, recited mantras, did a few more energetic cleanses, and talked about my progress. Call me bananas, but after trying energy healing my symptoms have lessened considerably.I still have pain flares, of course, but as of right now they haven’t been nearly as bad as they used to be. You say placebo, I say shma-mebo. If it works, why not keep rolling?

Also, Anne has yet to ask me to sacrifice my dog, so there’s that.

Pricing is different for each situation, but you can set up a free consultation call with Anne if you’re interested in learning more about energy healing and what it can do for your body.