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Get ready to dance around three continents and you watch and learn how hip-hop music and breakdancing has been positively influencing communities around the world. "Shake the Dust" plays the Seattle International Film Festival June 5 & 6. (Image: SIFF)

Travel around the world with SIFF

Always dreamed about visiting India but never seem to find the time? Think about seeing the icebergs in Antarctica someday but don't deal well with cold weather? Fear not! Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) is back and with it comes the opportunity to travel to foreign lands without ever leaving Seattle.

SIFF runs from May 15 - June 8, giving you plenty of opportunities to travel vicariously through great films, with a bucket of popcorn in your lap. Here are some great travel related flicks you won't want to miss:

First, embark on an Indian road trip with "Liar's Dice," as a young woman makes a trek from her tribal community of Chitkul on search for her husband in the big city who she has lost contact with. This dramatic film focuses on the conditions of Indian migrant laborers while featuring incredible scenery during her travels to find her husband. Watch the preview. (May 26, June 3 & 6)

For something on the lighter side, road trip with comedians Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon in the "wonderfully weird buddy film", "The Trip to Italy". This sequel to 2010's "The Trip" will take you on on a tour of the Italian countryside. Mostly improvised, you'll watch these witty wanderers in a Mini Cooper drive from northern Piedmont to Tuscany, along the Italian Riviera to southern Capri. SIFF's website boasts: "Punctuating the tours of sun-soaked vineyards and monuments to Byron and Shelley are long boozy lunches in outside gardens overlooking the sparkling sea, which in turn, are punctuated by another round of competitive Michael Caine impressions." Haven't seen the first in the series? "The Trip" is currently available on Netflix Instant. Watch the preview for "The Trip to Italy". (May 30 and 31)

Bundle up for "Red Knot," as you join unhappy honeymooners aboard a research vessel on its way to Antarctica. This chilling movie about love and isolation was shot in Argentina and Antarctica and provides audiences views of the spectacular areas. (May 31 and June 1)

No need to get shots before visiting the Amazon in "Oil and Water." This documentary explores the disaster that the local oil companies are causing in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Learn more about the environmental concern as you follow the lives of two young men. You'll also experience luscious shots of this beautiful area of the world. Watch the preview. (June 3 & 4)

Lastly, travel to three continents in "Shake the Dust," and witness how hip-hop music and breakdancing culture has had a positive affect on communities around the world. Stories of rappers, Djs, b-boys and b-girls are featured in Colombia, Yemen, Uganda and Cambodia in this film features original music by rapper Nasir "Nas" Jones. Watch the preview. (June 5 & 6)

What SIFF films are you most excited to see? Share your thoughts in the comments below!