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Lunar Rover Front Wheels.jpg
Lunar Roving Vehicle (engineering mock-up), front wheels. (Image Museum of Flight)

New exhibit at Museum of Flight is out of this world

A new exhibit has landed at Seattle’s Museum of Flight and it’s out of this world!

“Going to the moon was one of the tremendous human and technological endeavors in all of history," says Geoff Nunn from the Museum."If you think about what people will remember 10,000 years from now - it's note going to be who won the presidential election, not who won the Super Bowl, it’s going to be that in the 20th/21st century when humans fist left the earth, into space and onto the moon, that’s what this (exhibit) is all about."

From rocket engines to moon rocks, it's all here; telling the story of how U.S. scientists, engineers and astronauts took on the impossible task of putting men on the moon and succeeded with the world watching.

The Apollo exhibit is part of the Museum of Flight’s permanent collection and is included with standard admission so, what are you waiting for? Check it out!