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Lyndsie Tribble has worked in the weight loss industry for almost 15 years, yet she has struggled with her weight almost her whole life...until she found Evolve180. (Photo courtesy of Lyndsie Tribble)

This woman is a weight loss expert, but she didn't reach her goal weight until Evolve 180

Lyndsie Tribble's story is certainly a unique one. She's worked in the weight loss industry for almost 15 years with three different companies, yet she has struggled with her weight almost her whole life. So, how does someone who knows all of the tricks to the trade have trouble keeping her weight under control? And what was the secret ingredient to Tribble finally finding a program that works?

Tribble didn't find success in managing her own weight until she began working at Evolve 180 in Bellevue. Their program is different in that the plan calls for clients to eat in such a way that their body's metabolic systems begin to re-balance. Insulin levels, blood sugar levels, body fat levels, and unbalanced cravings start to go back to normal. Then Evolve 180's complimentary maintenance plan provides iron-clad support in a way no other weight loss company offers.

This all looks a little different for each person because at Evolve 180 customization is key! Every client has expert specialists guiding them and tweaking their plan each step of the way.

Tribble says her whole family has a long history of obesity, heart, failure, and diabetes. But as an athlete in high school and college, she didn't have to think twice about her weight. "But now that I'm a grown-up, I have to be very careful with what I eat and exercise and all that," Tribble says.

With the help of several different programs, she was able to maintain a healthy weight until her father passed away unexpectedly from pancreatic cancer. "My dad passed only 13 days after his diagnosis, and my eating habits through my personal grief process spiraled out of control," Tribble says. "Food was the center of most of my cherished memories with my dad, and it was comforting to me to make my dad's favorite recipes."

As she was grieving, Tribble gained weight. "I was just eating and drinking lots of wine to help me cope. It was the way I worked through that grief process, which I think a lot of people can relate to."

And she's right – lots of people do relate to this problem. Numerous studies have linked bereavement, stress, and emotional life events to weight gain. Luckily, compassion and a non-judgmental approach are two of the secrets to Evolve 180's treatment plan.

"I absolutely needed the non-judgmental accountability that Evolve 180 provides to get me back on track," Tribble says. "Being able to utilize our dietician and therapist on staff with their non-judgmental approach helped me in ways that are tough to describe! It's completely different than most programs."

This approach is what has helped Tribble to drop 25 pounds in just 10 weeks, averaging around three pounds per week. "The key to my success was hands down the accountability that the team provides," Tribble says. "It took all the guesswork out of the journey!"

Evolve 180 is a weight loss studio in Bellevue. Their customized weight loss solutions help you slim down in a way that works with your body and your life. Visit or call 425-442-5626 to learn more.