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This service lets you get a car when you need it, then drop it like it's hot

One of the most exciting things about the sharing economy is the flexibility it affords those who embrace it. Instead of being bound to objects that we need only on occasion, we can simplify life and not have to worry about buying, owning and maintaining every asset under the sun.

ReachNow is a service that offers Seattleites the freedom to have a car when they want one, but frees them from the cost and hassle of insurance, parking, fuel and maintenance. Here’s a rundown of how the service works, and few ideas about how it could come in [VERY] handy this holiday season.

The big idea

ReachNow has 700 BMW and MINI vehicles available throughout Seattle that members can use on demand with the ReachNow app. Whether it’s for a trip across town that would be inconvenient on public transportation, a mini-emergency that requires you to move quickly or a weekend trip outside the city, you can have a stylish and reliable vehicle on hand.

Scooping up your car isn’t hard – just use the app to find the closest car and tap “reserve” to hold the car for up to 30 minutes for free. Once you get to the car you can use the app or your member key card to unlock it, then punch in your pin code and hit the road. You can use cars by the minute, the hour or the day and you never have to visit a rental counter or wait in a rental line.

The little perks

If the idea of a grab n’ go car wasn’t appealing enough, these little perks associated with the ReachNow service will definitely sell you.

  • Get gas in the tank, insurance and free street parking in Seattle with every rental.
  • For the holidays, ReachNow has dedicated premium parking at University Village. If you’ve ever spent serious time circling around seeking parking, you know this little perk is a really big deal. The parking is available Friday through Sunday from November 24 through December 24, so you’ll have easy access to U Village’s independent shops and big-name retailers throughout the holiday season. More details here.
  • Traveling for the holidays? You can drop off or pick up a ReachNow vehicle at the Wallypark premier garage. That means no more paying for days of parking at airport rates or trying to convince your friend to drive you to Sea-Tac at the totally reasonable hour of 4 am.
  • Don’t feel like driving yourself? ReachNow is currently testing a new ride sharing service, ReachNow Ride, in Seattle. With ReachNow Ride you can get a ride on-demand in BMW. To try the beta version of ReachNow Ride, click here to get started.

For those who want access to stylish vehicles on their own terms, ReachNow offers the ultimate in convenience, flexibility and ease of use. To learn more and see some of the classy cars you could be rolling around in, visit

Want a deal that’s even sweeter? For a limited time, ReachNow is offering new users a free lifetime membership (a $39 value). Download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play to get started.