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This Seattle teen is a Star Wars YouTube sensation (photo: Krister Persson/StarGeek)<p></p>

This Seattle teen is a Star Wars YouTube sensation

The force is strong with 17-year-old Krister Persson of West Seattle.

Not only does he have a Star Wars collection that would make any Jedi jealous, but he's also a kind of a celebrity, thanks to his YouTube channel StarGeek. On his channel, you can find 200 episodes where Persson talks about all things Star Wars from "Best Jedi of All Time" to "Facts about Chewbacca".

This isn't just a hobby for StarGeek, it's grown into a serious success!

StarGeek now has 60,000 YouTube subscribers, over 9 million views and 45 million minutes of watch time.


One video even has one million views alone, but it's a little bittersweet for him.

"My most popular video on the channel is actually my worst video ever produced," he said. "'Is Jar Jar's Death Scene Real?' For some reason it's gotten over one million views and I don't know why. I can't seem to escape it."

Just in case you are curious, here's the video he's talking about. It's not THAT bad ;)

Persson's impact has also spread far beyond his YouTube channel thanks to his social media stardom. He's very involved in the Seattle Star Wars community and even speaks on Star Wars panels as an expert (reminder, he's ONLY 17 years-old!)

So what's next for this high school senior?

"I would love to keep going with StarGeek in college and beyond, but what I really want to do is go into film and maybe a Director or editor," said Persson.

Whatever you choose to do StarGeek, we're sure it will be an out of this world success!

To check out StarGeek's Youtube Channel click online.