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West Seattle mom launches kickstarter for space-themed play area for kids of all abilities

A local mom of two is aiming to open an indoor play space in West Seattle that's OUT OF THIS WORLD, literally. The idea: A galactic, space-themed indoor playspace for kids of all abilities. That means ALL kids are welcome, from infancy to 10-years-old with recurring days every month for children up to 18 years old with special needs.

The force behind OUTER SPACE Seattle is Caitlin Huertas and when she has a goal - she reaches for the stars!

"As a mother of two young girls, I want to encourage young women to explore the world of science and technology," said Huertas. "I believe the best way to learn is through play. Kids love tunnels and slides, but crawling through a cave on Mars or sliding through the solar system elevates playtime to a whole new galactic level."

Huertas was sick of driving in traffic to underwhelming play spaces in other neighborhoods.

"I felt that a lot of them are not accessible, not inclusive, hard to move around in, lack clear visibility, and don’t serve multi-aged families well," she said. "I feel like I can do better, and solve a problem in a fun creative way."

Just in case you need a reminder - it rains in Seattle, A LOT. SO as much as Huertas loves the outdoors, she's thinking this play area will be indoors-only.

"I am an outdoor enthusiasts and my kids play outside every day. They get muddy and dirty and wet," she laughed. "But sometimes you just want to stay warm and dry. Our indoor playspace provides that and more. You can relax knowing your children are in an enclosed area that is padded, clean, and safe."

The space will be in West Seattle, ideally 4,500 square feet - and Huertas knows parking is a must.

"West Seattle is a huge family-friendly area, but we are lacking a large indoor playspace," she said. "Parents, like me, want something in our area that fills the need, and provides for the larger community. We want to be as big as we can be, while trying to keep the cost to our customers low."

The inside will have a large play structure for the 4+ crowd, a seperate toddler areas, lots of tables and chairs to eat at, and a snack bar.

"We are working with SoftPlay leaders in the industry, to build a custom play structure for our space," said Huertas. "We chose to work with them because they are an American company - so everything is made right here in the USA. Plus, they were the first company to offer upper level ADA Access to their play structures. This helps enable all children (and guardians) to have access to play, which encourages inclusion and fosters a more diverse community."

Huertas hopes to open doors as soon as this winter, but they still need more funding.

"That's how you can help!" said Huertas. "Contribute to our Indiegogo Campaign to help us raise the final 12 percent of funding. Donate and you'll receive some pretty sweet perks too. We need all the help we can get!"

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