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Sitting in traffic. We've all done it at one point or another. (Image: Thinkstock).

The average Seattle commute time actually seems...reasonable

Sitting in traffic. We've all done it at one point or another.

For some – it’s the worst experience of their lives, for others – a chance to live out their rockstar dreams while belting and flexing those golden pipes (I'm the latter in case you were curious).

Geotab conducted a new study ranking commute times and patterns over 20 U.S. cities including Seattle. They examined data from more than 14 million commuters, calculating mean commute times from census tract areas across the U.S. traveling into 20 of the biggest cities in America.

After analyzing more than 480,000 commutes from Seattle and its surrounding area, Geotab found that the average commute into the city is *DRUM ROLL PLEASE*.

33 minutes across all modes of transportation.

Sounds about right for me. What about for you?!

For public transit users, the average journey time is 47 minutes, while for drivers it’s just 32 minutes.

Some 44 percent of all commuters traveling into Seattle spend take less than 30 minutes to get into the city. 57 percent of drivers take less than 30 minutes, but just 19% of public transit users can access the city within 30 minutes.

Lets break down the stats here:

Seattle by Car:

  • Average commute: 32 minutes
  • Commuters: 287,095
  • Within 30 minutes: 57 percent
  • Within 1 hour: 95 percent
  • Over 1 hour: 5 percent

Seattle by Public Transit:

  • Average commute: 47 minutes
  • Commuters: 116,127
  • Within 30 minutes: 19 percent
  • Within 1 hour: 80 percent
  • Over 1 hour: 20 percent

All over statistics:

  • Average commute: 33 minutes
  • Commuters 484, 342
  • Within 30 minutes: 44 percent
  • Within 1 hour: 93 percent
  • Over 1 hour: 7 percent

Happy commuting! Learn more at Geotab's website.