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The 'Letter Farmer' wants you to rediscover the lost art of writing

Be honest, when was the last time you wrote a letter? Not just a thank you note, but a full-on letter to someone?

If it's been way too long (and if you're like us - it has), then you should check out The Letter Farmer, a mobile business that is basically a food truck for letter writing! The Letter Farmer has just one goal: to encourage people to rediscover the lost art of letter-writing.

We found Rachel Brandzel Weil (the The Letter Farmer herself) and her big red van in Pioneer Square's Occidental Park. People can just stop by, write a letter or a postcard and Rachel will stamp it and mail it out for ya.

"The experience of receiving a letter is just as important as the writing part," Rachel said, "I think there is something to our voice when we put pen to paper that we aren't being auto-corrected, we don't have an emoji to pick and you have to dig a little deeper and really express yourself."

Rachel even helps the homeless write letters home if they stop by.

"I've had many of them sit and write and I look up an address if they dont know it," she said.