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Issaquah's version of 'Into The Woods' is packed with hidden messages

What happens after Happily Ever After? That's the fascinating question posed by Into The Woods, the magical Tony-award winning show that's now playing at Issaquah's Village Theater. The Stephen Sondheim masterpiece brings Cinderella, Rapunzel and many of your favorite fairy tale characters to life with a twist.

Even if you've seen Into The Woods before, this version has some other productions didn't have: an impressive set full of hidden messages.

"A really cool thing about our set is that the tree leaves are all made up of wishes and the wishes come from people in the community. We have wishes from little kids asking for things like ginger bread or to have a dog... all the way through adults wishing for health and happiness," said Arika Matoba who plays Little Red Riding Hood.

For many of the cast, their wishes are coming true just being in the musical. "I saw the original Broadway production in 1987 and it was one of my first Broadway shows. It was my first experience with Sondheim and ever since I've been waiting to be old enough to play The Baker," said Trey Ellett who plays (you guessed it) The Baker.

This show is a must see when it comes to local theater.

Into The Woods plays at Issaquah's Village Theater until October 22nd. For ticket information head to It then plays the Everett location from October 27th - November 19th.