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Rainn Wilson (Image: Sunita Martini / Seattle Refined)

This company will pay you to $1,000 to watch 15 hours of 'The Office'

And some say dream jobs don't exist..., an authorized reseller of DISH, wants to pay someone to watch 15 hours of "The Office" in time for the iconic show's 15th anniversary this month.

We're looking for someone who isn’t superstitious just a little stitious.

If you can commit to binging the show for 15 hours, will pay you $1,000 cash, a Netflix gift card, and a dream job kit with "The Office" swag. Rumor has it it may or may not include Jell-O and a stapler.

The company is accepting applications now through March 16, 5 p.m. MST online.

As providers of premium entertainment channels, we’re all about binging our favorite shows — especially when we relate to the characters. As office workers ourselves, we know dream jobs are difficult to come by. That’s why we want to celebrate the 15th anniversary of The Office by paying someone $1,000 to watch 15 hours of the show!