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Things are Getting Steamy at 5th Ave Theater

Right now a classic musical is building up a sexy head of steam here in town. 'The Pajama Game' won the Tony Award for best musical back in 1954. And now, a new version of the timeless s how is heating up Seattle's 5th Avenue Theatre, starring Billie Wildrick and Josh Davis.

"It's a management versus union story with a lover on either side," explained Wildrick. "I'm the union side, Katherine "Babe" Williams."

"And I'm the management side," said Davis. "I play Sid Sorokin, who is new to town and trying to prove himself."

Sparks really fly when the workers demand a raise.

"He meets Babe and falls immediately in love and becomes very smitten," said Davis. "But there's this idea that the workers are trying to get a raise, a seven and a half cent raise."

"It's getting pretty close to the boiling point, pretty close to strike," continued Wildrick. "And Babe is also full of smit immediately. But Sid stands between her and her seven and a half raise that they've been fighting for for years. There's a lot of drama at this pajama factory."

That drama not only sets off a conflict between management and labor, but a battle of the sexes too.

"It's a big, joyful, fun romp. The music is great, the orchestra sounds phenomenal, especially through the new sound system," explained Wildrick. "It's fun, it's splashy, but it's not without heart, it's not without real characters struggling with real issues. So, I think it's an all-in-one-package in that way."

The Pajama Games is on stage at 5th Avenue through March 5.