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Heads up - it gets a little weird. (Image courtesy of Estately).

The weirdest things each state buys online (emphasis on WEIRD)

Online shopping is TAKING OVER THE WORLD. You can practically buy anything online these days without standing in a physical store - and in some cases, being embarrassed by what you are purchasing.

To see what American's are shopping online for, Estately used Google Trends to compile a list of what items each state shopped online for with more frequency than all other states during the past 12 months.

The results are HILARIOUS, and in some cases - very strange.

As for our fair state, here is what Washingtonians search for when shopping online:

  • Temporary tattoo paper (Out fear of commitment to the real thing coming into play here)
  • Emergency kit (We're in constant fear of The Big Earthquake)
  • Emergency rations (Seriously, we're shaking in our boots at all times)
  • Earthquake kit (No really - the panic is sometimes debilitating)
  • Canadian tuxedo (Don't let ANYONE tell you the PNW doesn't have style)
  • Crab pot (Necessary for a seafood-loving community)
  • Shrimp pot (Similarly necessary, see above)
  • Squid jig (OK, not as necessary but definitely shows dedication)
  • Clam gun (What the what? Don't mess with us)

But to be fair, it gets weirder.

Idaho is doing some deep cleaning with their Shamwows, Nebraska is in the market for jorts (jean shorts), Oklahoma is buying zombie survival kits (because you know, zombies), Tennessee is losing its hair and covering it up with toupees, Minnesota is working on their facial hair game by sculpting with Mustache Wax, Mississippi can't stop ordering coffins, Alabama is losing control with their adult diapers, Florida is getting crazy in the kitchen with their Guy Fieri Cookware, and Texas is feeling lazy with their motorized kayaks! (PS: Isn't that just a boat?)

Anyways...The list goes on and on and does not disappoint. It's gooooood.