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(Image: Courtesy of Topgolf)

World's first Topgolf Lounge is coming to Kirkland later this year

We all know Topgolf, right? Global sports entertainment, worldwide fan base of nearly 100 million - ringing any bells?

If you've never been, it's a place you go for an experience. With 53 venues total in the country, the popularity of high-tech golf gaming is blowing people away. We're talking climate-controlled hitting bays, a renowned menu of hand-crafted cocktails, music, and much more than you can even dream of.

But now it's time for a new type of Topgolf - Topgolf Lounge!

It was just announced that the brand is opening the first of it's new experiences, Topgolf Lounge, in Kirkland later this year.

The Lounge will have live sports on massive flat screens, Full Swing simulators with tons of virtual games, locally curated dishes and cocktails, lively music - all set in the Kirkland Urban mixed-use complex overlooking Lake Washington.

"Topgolf Lounge guests will be blown away by our incredible bar, massive outdoor patio space and interactive sports games, making them feel like they are actually playing live," said Ron Powers, president of Topgolf Lounge in a press release.

The 7,761 square-foot location will have four public hitting bays, and a private VIP bay for special events and celebrity guests.

Keep up with more information as it comes in on Topgolf Lounge.