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Dante Hot Dogs Weddings (Image: Seattle Refined)

Now trending in wedding food? The '10 p.m. Snack'

There's a tasty new trend in weddings, one that gives the bride and groom a chance to share their sweet - savory - or even salty sides! Couples are calling it the Ten PM Snack, and it's a delicious way for guests to refuel at the reception.

"A lot of times we've done a late night snack or we do it just for the dessert only and they don't get cake at all," explains Megan Janes from Seattle Pops. According to Janes, some couples skip the cake all together, opting for the sweet treats instead.

Craving something cool and creamy? Pops are the perfect choice! Megan and her crew create them fresh from their kitchen in Wallingford - but these aren't the popsicles you grew up with.

"They're very different because we source many of our ingredients locally," said Janes. "We pair up with local farmers and everything's all natural so we use real strawberries, real sugar, and everything is as fresh as we can get it."

People even dip the pops in spirits for a new take on cocktails. We tagged along as bride-to-be Hailee Greenberg selected the flavors she'll be serving.

"It reminds me of a margarita!" said Greenberg. And according to Megan, "People do dip it in tequila!"

The choices are sure to please any palette. Favors include chocolate banana, zesty lime, peach, watermelon and blueberries and cream.

From cool treats to hot dogs - Dante's Inferno Dogs have brought the "heat" to about 1,600 weddings!

"People love the idea of having a hot dog as a late night snack," said Taylor Lasko of Dante's. "And I think nothing is better than a hot dog when you're having a couple drinks and you're dancing and you still want some food."

Dante's sets up their classic cart right at the reception, and there's a dog for every taste.

"We generally provide our full menu," he said. "We have three different sausages: classic beef hot dog, and two different flavors of veggie dogs."

Some couples go crunchy when their guests get the munchies. It's all about flavored popcorn.

"Popcorn is just such a fun addition to any event," said Claire Mueller from KuKuRuZa Gourmet Popcorn. "Weddings are a lot less formal than they used to be."

She loves their corn so much - she even served it at her own wedding!

"We put out a huge candy and popcorn bar at the end of the night that had all of our favorite types of popcorn," she said.

There's also a more formal option: wedding favors! They're black or white boxes with any color bow to match your wedding colors.

"The Hawaiian salted caramel is a perennial favorite, it's salty, it's sweet it's fun," said Claire. "The tuxedo is a blast, it's fancy, it's delicious it's covered in chocolate. The truffle fomages is also a favorite - it's classy it's delicious it's mushrooms and cheese."

There are also other flavors like s'mores, jalapeno white cheddar and mole!

Whether it's popcorn, hot dogs or pops - Ten PM Snacks are truly a personal expression of the happy couple.