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(Image: Mark Kitaoka)

The sun will come out...through Dec. 30th at the 5th Avenue Theater

It's the heart-warming story of everyone's favorite orphan - Annie.

Timothy McCuen Piggee plays Daddy Warbucks, and there are two talented young ladies taking turns starring as Annie at the 5th Avenue Theater this holiday season.

"I think Faith and Visesia each bring something unique to the story," said McCuen Piggee. "They guide the journey, the ship and so I think each night is a special story depending on who's helping tell it."

Both Annies have favorite parts of the iconic show.

"My favorite part of the show is when is when a is when Daddy Warbucks wants to adopt Annie," said Fakatoufifita. "I feel like that's just so heartwarming."

"Whenever we're with the dog is my favorite part of the show," smiled Young. "And the first time I come onto the stage with all the orphans and everything - I think that's really cool."

Set against the backdrop of the Great Depression, the musical is about an adorable orphan - and billionaire - who come together to create a family.

"I love his journey," said McCuen Piggee of his character. "I love his arc, that he's this rock-rib conservative who set out to do a PR opportunity, and it turns out to alter his life."

There is plenty of singing and dancing in this production.

"It's such an adventure, because I never really fashioned myself as a musical theater artist," he said. "It's because of the 5th Avenue, they made me start to sing and dance! So it's been a wonderful challenge, trying to scrape the rust off the old vocal chords and see if I could tell my right foot from my left foot."

And it's not just these three, the girls say the whole cast is close.

"So much fun!" said Fakatoufifita. "Backstage when we're not on we're playing games - oard games, card games. And it's just so much fun working with them and getting to know them."

This classic musical has a timeless message.

"I think because sometimes hard things happen in our country and people have hard things in their lives," said Young. "I think the musical Annie really builds people up. I want them to leave the show having a lot of hope."

"Annie" is sure to leave you smiling in the aisles.

"Annie" will be on stage at the 5th Avenue Theatre through December 30, 2018.