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The Sprouting Image offers virtual art-filled photography classes for kids 7 years old and up. They specialize in encouraging creative confidence and mindfulness in their students. (Photo: Samaria Daniel)

This kids photography class is really clicking for PNW children & parents

Traditionally, summer is a time for kids for to have fun in the sun - whether through activities or camps. Due to the pandemic though, these days, things are looking a lot different. But that doesn't mean that this summer has to be a bummer! There are plenty of cool things kids can do - from hiking to Mailbox Peak to playing no contact golf (with a grown up and social distancing of course).

Samaria Daniel from The Spouting Image had been teaching kids photography, via 'in person' classes. But because of the current health crisis, she switched to offering her classes virtually - and it's really clicking with kids and their parents! Refined reached out to Daniel to get the scoop.

Seattle Refined: Samaria, you are the woman behind the lens of The Sprouting Image. You guys are actually teaching kids photography - but you do it all online!
Samaria Daniel: It’s been so fun to see our kids - our new students - use cameras and tell stories digitally.

Are you ever just astounded at the quality of work of some of these kids?
I am constantly astounded at their work actually some of the kids that we have had for years, they have grown from really young artists to have this huge portfolio of work to show and share. and it’s very - it’s very rewarding to see.

What are some of the concepts that the kids are learning through your classes?
They’re learning aperture camera speed, ISO. They learn about how to create exposures that are either too bright or too dark or just right. So basically the goal is for them to be able to pick up any camera, pop it on M for Manual and be able to take pictures anywhere.

This is a photography class that kids can take online - but it’s a lot more than that.
We’re actually including art kits that come with digital cameras and really fun art supplies for the kids to experiment with (shows cam) and create their own visual stories.

So when a local family signs up for one of your online classes, how does that work - do you actually deliver it to them, like renting a camera?
Yeah exactly we prep the whole art kit. Clean it up of course, include a little Clorox wipes with it. It’s like Christmas morning with cameras and art supplies. We are also doing these really fun video series along with our classes to kids are able to revisit and review all of our concepts.

So what age kids do you usually work with?
We usually teach kids elementary age, 7 + is really the sweet spot.

Tell us about some of the photos your students have taken that have really just blown you away.
Some of our favorite photos have been from some of our youngest students actually. They are just completely unafraid of looking silly or laying on their stomachs to get the shot. They are also unafraid of getting super close to bees and bugs and they’re able to get photos we would’t even try to take.

So a lot of activities and camps have been canceled this summer and a lot of parents including myself really want our kids to get outside and do something fun and creative.
Photography is all - 100% about light. So getting outside is a huge part of it. The goals is for kids to be able to work independently for every project and be really clear about what they’re creating but have their own take on everything they’re learning.

Why do you enjoy working with kids so much?
The energy that kids have it incredible they bring so much joy and fun to my job, it never feels like work!

For more info about The Sprouting Image and their online classes for kids, visit their website.