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Seattle Secret Shows host concerts in secret locations around the city where music fans can connect to some of the most talented singer/songwriters in the country on a hyper-intimate level. (Image: Seattle Living Room Shows)

The Secret's Out About Seattle Secret Shows

Secret #1: The Location
I discovered Seattle Secret Shows when they announced my favorite LA-based singer/songwriter Meiko signed on to perform a show last week with Sumner native James Coates. The catch? The location of the South Lake Union venue would not be revealed until after the tickets were purchased. It lends to a fun, secretive vibe that makes you feel like an "insider" in a hip underground music scene.

Secret Show founders, and sisters, Carrie and Kristen Watt promised the mysterious location would be truly unforgettable, and they did not disappoint. The sold-out performance was held at the gorgeous College Club of Seattle on Lake Union. I was swept up in the romance of it all; a stunning sunset view; an artist bearing their soul in front of a fireplace; an audience captivated by every guitar strum and every syllable of every thoughtfully crafted lyric.

This is as close as you'll come to being serenaded by world-class talent in the comfort of your living room. In fact, the Watt sisters started out hosting these performances in Carrie's living room! That quickly turned into a desire to support musicians by providing an intimate atmosphere for their music to truly be heard. Due to the rapidly growing interest over the last 5 years, the show locations have expanded to slightly larger venues like art galleries, lofts and the College Club, but the intimate experience is still the same.

Secret #2: The Artists
There is something magical about seeing an artist you admire play the songs that you love on your level. No stages. No barriers. Just pure mutual respect.

Turns out, these hyper-intimate shows are just as exciting for the artists as they are for the fans. Singers don't have to compete with clanking glasses or drunken bar conversations. All the attention is on the music.

"I really love it because a lot of times I play solo shows and it's just nice to know the audience is going to be quiet," said Meiko. "It's more of a listening room."

Coates told me, "It's not about 'where it's gonna be' or 'who's gonna be there,' it's about the music. So, if you want to hear these artists, then we'll tell you where to come."

Now that the secret's out, you can get in on these special performances. Warning: tickets go fast because of the limited seating. The next show is June 28th featuring Levi Weaver, Brian Chartrand & Kevin Large of Widower, that much we know, but the location in downtown Seattle is still a secret!