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The team at Heartwood Provisions have mastered the craft of cocktail and food pairings.

The seasonal summer menu at Heartwood Provisions is in full bloom!

From juicy heirloom tomatoes and sweet green strawberries to succulent pork loin seasoned with fresh-out-of-the-garden delicacies, everything tastes better when it's in season. That's why the menu at Seattle's own Heartwood Provisions changes weekly—they only use the freshest ingredients.

The team at Heartwood Provisions have mastered the craft of cocktail and food pairings. The kitchen and bar work together seamlessly, thoughtfully combining the elements of food and drink into one. They create a truly unique dining experience, where your drink doesn't only complement your dinner; it enhances it completely. This experience can be felt when you first walk inside; from each seat in the restaurant, both the bar and open kitchen are in view.

Chef Kimberly Cosway recently took over as Heartwood Provision's Executive Chef and has been working hand-in-hand with Amanda Reed, the Beverage Director, to create a menu that's bursting with summer delicacies.

"Heartwood's concept is so unique, I am privileged to see it, and serve it, firsthand," Jennifer Tivald, the General Manager, says. "Watching these two talented women collaborate to create such beautiful combinations is truly impressive. I am so very excited about this new summer menu and cannot wait to see what they dream up next!"

A sneak peek at what's on the menu now:

  • Chef Cosway's Foie Gras Pate. Cosway utilizes the Northwest's seasonal bounty with green strawberries, pickled mustard seed, montenegro gelee, and mini pancakes (Beverage Pairing: Chateau Grillon Sauternes)
  • The Tomato-Plum Salad. Mother Nature shines with incredibly fresh ingredients and simple preparation, served with buttermilk ricotta made in-house, crouton, Thai basil, sherry vinegar, and smoked olive oil. (Beverage Pairing: Blanco tequila, amaro nonino, chamomile, lemon)
  • Seared Halibut. The perfectly cooked fish is accompanied by lacinato kale, shimeji mushroom, jamon dashi, and ponzu butter. (Beverage Pairing: Amontillado Sherry, Sotol, St. Raphal Dor Vermouth)
  • Citrus Cheesecake. This dessert is topped off with rhubarb, violet meringue, white chocolate crisps, lemon curd, and strawberry ice cream (Beverage Pairing: St. Raphal Dor Vermouth)

Reed isn't just a talented cocktail curator, as she's been known to dabble in the wine industry as well—especially when it comes to Washington wines. It comes as a surprise to a lot of people, but Washington is the second premium wine producer in the United States, and Heartwood Provisions is proud to offer a wide selection of local favorites, like Buty Winery in Walla Walla. To help sip into summer, they are featuring select bottles of Buty for only $20 during the month of July (Value $65. Available Sunday through Thursday).

"There's a lot to love about Washington grapes," Reed says. "Given our downtown Seattle restaurant location it's easy to honor local vintners, but more importantly, Washington wines are pairing exceptionally well with our food."

Are you ready to taste the delectable pairings for yourself? Make your reservation at Heartwood Provisions today!