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Jcoco Red Chocolate (Image: Seattle Chocolate Company)

The new chocolate superfood that’s legitimately good for you

Chocolate that’s legitimately good for you? Yes please!

If you’re a true Seattleite, it’s safe to say you know coffee. But did you know that the bean actually grows in a cherry? And that cherry is usually discarded after the bean is extracted has delicious nutrients? Well...Seattle Coffee Company is changing the chocolate and coffee game by introducing the first-to-market CoffeeFlour infused chocolate bar! Mixed with small amounts of jcoco’s cocoa, these chocolate bars create a new nutrient-dense super-ingredient made from these dried coffee cherry pulp, creating CoffeeFlour…in a chocolate bar!! Eating sweets never felt so good!

How good is this chocolate for you really, you ask? Well, this CoffeeFlour has 3 times more iron than fresh spinach, 5 times more fiber than whole grain wheat flour, 3 times more protein than fresh kale, 38% more antioxidants than a pomegranate, and 84% less fat than coconut flour! Looks like I’m going to have to eat a chocolate bar a day…you know, for my health!

I got the chance to try these superfood bars and I instantly became a fan. There are two recently released bars I had the privilege of tasting.

Jcoco Arabica Cherry Espresso in Dark Chocolate:
This bar blends Rainforest Alliance Certified cocoa and the entire coffee cherry. It was light and smokey with a hint of citrus. And by converting the coffee fruit pulp that’s usually a wasted by-product of green coffee, the entire plant gets used for delicious nutrition. You can grab this bar today and try for yourself by going to the Seattle Chocolates headquarters in Tukwila, the Seattle Chocolates airport kiosk, or order it online at

Super Chocolate Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar Powered by CoffeeFlour & Cocoa Nibs:
This one was my personal favorite! It definitely tasted more rich and creamy than the Cherry Espresso and was amazing with red wine. This product contains the same nutrient-dense coffee flour ingredient from before but is sprinkled with antioxidant-rich roasted cocoa nibs. Cocoa nibs are the least processed and most natural form of chocolate, with positive health effects ranging from improving brain function to lowering blood pressure. You can get this bar online at and will be hitting shelves soon at retailers nationwide!

These healthy and tasty treats are all natural, gluten-free and Kosher certified so even your friends with the finicky of food restrictions can enjoy! Again, this is a chocolate bar that is nutritious - and cue happy dance! This will definitely make giving into those late-night sweet cravings feel much better.