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The New Burke Museum is Dino-Mite!

There's no bones about it, if you're on the hunt for fossils in Seattle, The Burke Museum at the University of Washington is the place to go.

Julie Stein is the Burke's executive director and said the museum is home to thousands of artifacts including a real T-Rex skull.

“It is the largest T-Rex skull in the world, most complete," Stein said. "That’s real bone, real teeth... we found it in Montana. And if you stand in the front right below it, you can imagine what it would be like to be eaten by a T-Rex.”


“The Burke Museum is the Washington State of Museum of Natural History and culture we used to be this sleepy little place and now we have this brand new building where we can show the visitor our collection, what we do with those collections, and what we know about the cultural and physical world," Stein said.

The Burke Museum was founded in 1885, in honor of James Burke. He was one of early Seattle's greatest builders and recently the museum bearing his name has been re-built. Julie Stein says from the beginning of the ten year re-construction process the central pillar of the design was to turn the museum inside out.

“What really makes this fun is you get to look in and see where people are working.”

The museum's galleries are lined with huge windows where visitors can peek in on curators handling artifacts. One man is hard at work cleaning a dinosaur fossil with a rotary tool. A group of children and parents look on, glued to the glass, waiting to see the ancient bone emerge. Other windows offer views of cultural artifacts from around the Pacific.

"Some of the things that the Burke is best known for is our objects of Northwest Native Art. There are contemporary pieces you can see in the gallery as well as historic pieces like this beautiful canoe and totem pole,” Stein said.

The Burke's collection is always rotating and evolving so, Stein says no matter how many times visitors stop by, there is always something new to see.