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Enter an autumn wonderland (Image: Gretchen Bossio / Seattle Refined)

The Most Perfect Fall Farm You'll Ever Experience

I’ll confess, I have a weakness for pretty things. And fall. Especially pretty fall things.

That’s probably why I’m head over heels for Gordon Skagit Farms in Mount Vernon. It is the most perfect fall farm you’ll ever experience.

In my humble opinion, Gordon Skagit Farms is THE fall destination in the Pacific Northwest and September 28, 2018 was opening day!

The farm holds fast to their opening day reveal, because, as one owner, Eddie Gordon, shared on Facebook, "I have a Willy Wonka personality. When the doors open they open but not before then, not for anyone." He says it is their goal to create an “incredible visual experience” for their customers and if they have prepared anything close to what they did last year, I can only imagine the autumnal beauty that is waiting. Folks, grab your cameras and hit the highway, Gordon Skagit Farms is not to be missed!

Now, before you think Gordon Skagit Farms is simply a fall destination to look at, let me assure you, Gordon Skagit Farms has everything you’d expect from a fall farm - pumpkins of all shapes, sizes, and colors; a fun corn maze; a not-to-scary haunted barn; fall treats like cider and sweets; and seasonal produce. But, in addition to all that, the farm has something extra special.

What is that extra specialness? It's the visual experience, Eddie Gordon alluded to. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen at you-pick pumpkin farm.

When you arrive at Gordon Skagit Farms, you enter an autumn wonderland. Every pumpkin is perfectly placed, every squash organized just so. Greenery meanders up the barn in a picturesque manner and all the buildings have a touch of distressed, fall flair. Joanna Gaines would no doubt nod in approval - the wreaths, the, the mums, the baskets - it’s all a feast for your eyes whether it rains or shines. Every detail is infused with fall, every backdrop ready to make your Instagram feed look fall fabulous. Visiting Gordon Skagit Farms is truly a beautiful breath of fresh air fresh, fall air filled with scents of crisp apples, pretty blooms, and pumpkin-laden fields. The immaculate design and attention to detail really makes Gordon Skagit Farms much more than your ordinary pumpkin stop. It’s a place to pause, a place to immerse yourself in, to go slow and really soak up the season. Gordon Skagit Farms is exactly what we all need to truly appreciate the perfection of fall in the Pacific Northwest.

Are you ready to go? Gordon Skagit Farms is waiting!

They open for the fall season from 10am on September 28th. I can’t wait to see what Willy Wonka, er, Eddie Gordon, and his team of family and staff, have to reveal to us! I know it will be grand! You’ll find them at 15598 McLean Road in Mount Vernon. If you can’t make it for opening day, don’t worry, I’m sure there will be sneak peeks on Facebook and Instagram. Then, from September 29th through the month of October you can visit anytime between 9am-6pm each day. Go early though, because I can almost guarantee you’ll want to return before the 2018 season ends! Gordon Skagit Farms is truly a fall sight to behold!