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"That dog works at Amazon..." (Image courtesy of @overheardseattleites / Instagram).

Overheard Seattleites: Your new Instagram obsession

Ahhhh Instagram, my favorite child, I mean, app.

It has everything I could possibly ever want to waste my time on - hilarious videos of dogs, pictures of fun nail art, meme after meme, after meme. I (sometimes shamelessly, other times shamefully) spend a lot of time on Instagram both personally and professionally. This seems like a good time to plug our Instagram, @seattlerefined (if you like it here, you'll probably like us there too).

ANYWAYS! I just discovered an Instagram account so outstanding, that I needed to write an article and post a gallery about it.

It was a delightful and quiet Thursday morning at the Refined headquarters when I received a DM (direct message) from another local Instagram account called @overheardseattleites. This account is where locals overhear other locals' conversations and find them so hilarious, so jarring, so interesting, that they are moved to send @overheardseattleites what they have just heard.

Then - @overheardseattleites creates a meme with the phrase, tag the location of where it was heard, and the rest is history. GENIUS.

It sounds simple, but that's the beauty of it. You guys - this account is my dream. It is a place where I fall so deeply into a social media hole and spiral that there is no coming back. It is so funny, it's so ironic, it's so stereotypical Seattle, and I LOVE IT.

Thank you @overheardseattleite for making my day, nay, LIFE - a bit brighter. Go give these guys a follow and don't miss the gallery above! That's where all the goods are at.