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(Image courtesy of Strech 22).

The hottest new workout in Seattle is - stretching?

Refined's workout warrior, Gena Wynkoop, and I have sweated our way through all sorts of workouts, from hip-hop yoga to hot pilates. Recently, we decided to try something just a little different - stretching.

But this isn't a stretch like either of us had experienced before.

"We wanted something that was cool. We didn't want something that was all medical," said Ja'Warren Hooker, CEO of Stretch 22. "We also wanted to create a product that was safe and effective. So, when people walk through door we want to deliver A1 service to them. First class, concierge service."

Hooker co-founded Stretch 22 with Dr. Kris Sasaki, a sports medicine chiropractor. If you're a Husky fan, you probably already know Hooker's name. He ran track and played football at the University of Washington, was a member of the 2000 Olympic team and in 2014 was inducted into the U.W. Hall of Fame. At Stretch 22, Hooker and his team specialize in assisted active stretching, similar to what elite athletes get in the locker room.

"There's going to be opportunities where we want you to push against us," he explained. "We also use a tool called a VibraCusser, which is focal vibrations. That is the butter of everything. It makes the stretch what the stretch is, and that's our thing."

You don't have to be a pro athlete to reap the benefits of a good stretch. Hooker and Sasaki tell me they see folks of all ages and activity levels.

"We have people that come in for multiple different needs, whether it's flexibility, mobility, stress reduction, which is huge in the tech space, or it could be to increase performance," he said.

Stretch 22 offers a 25 minute upper or lower body stretch, or a 50 minute full body option. During your first session they assess your range of motion, mobility and check for any injuries, then they tailor the stretch to you individual needs.

"You're going to get a stretch that's deeper than you've had before and not as painful as you've had before," explained Dr. Sasaki. "Because we use the VibraCusser and techniques that slowly get into that deep, deep stretch, you'll get off the table light and loose, like you've just had the best stretch ever."

So what did Gena and I think? Check out the video above to see our Stretch 22 experience. Spoiler alert: we both thought it was pretty awesome!