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Alex & Aris runs through August 6 at ACT Theatre in downtown Seattle. (Image: ACT Theater)

The greatest story never told hits the Seattle stage

A world premiere over at ACT Theatre will hit home for anyone who has ever been inspired by a great teacher. It's called Alex & Aris, and Refined caught up with the talented cast.

"It's an interesting time in history because it actually happened, but not a lot of people know about it," said Darragh Kennan, who plays Aristotle.

In the play, director John Langs takes audiences inside the relationship between Greek philosopher, Aristotle, and his student, a young Alexander the Great (who would later go on to conquer the world).

"It's about the four years they spent together, it's about the moral compass of leadership, it's about teachers and students and really a relationship that much more moves in the way of fathers and sons," explained Langs.

Chip Sherman makes his Seattle debut in the part of Alex.

"Alexander, in this show particularly, is going through his coming-of-age story, his coming out story, his acceptance of his past, and what he's moving through," said Sherman. "It's very provocative work that's very apropos for the times we are living through."

Darragh Kennan plays the role of Aristotle. And after nearly 20 years of acting and teaching in Seattle, he's delighted to have landed this plum role.

"To be trusted to be the person to carry that play forward, to premiere it at this great theater with these amazing people who are creating it is a real gift," said Kennan.

"This is a show that asks a lot of questions," continued Langs. "And certainly, we've been concentrating on the relationship of the piece between an older professor and a young man. I always think of the students I've had in my life, or the teachers I have had that really shaped me. I think this play is for everyone who had a teacher they loved or really hated. And who has shaped your destiny, because of their passion about who you are. So, I think people can really take away what this relationship is and how a relationship between these two people, who really shaped the known world after this four years, how they set each other's compass morally. And, I think in a time when we're exploring a lot of power dynamics and politics, I think this is going to be a really big show for us."

Alex & Aris runs through August 6 at ACT Theatre in downtown Seattle.