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This Local Artist's Images of Star Wars Characters in Fields Went Viral

Kyle Hagey is digital artist from Bremerton who creates life-like images on his computer - from scratch. He didn't go to school for this; Youtube was his school.

"I call it a Youtube degree," Kyle says.

It took him seven years of trial, error and later nights to get as skilled as he is now. But his big break came by surprise.

"I was just kinda messing around one night, and made a big flowery field," he said. "[I] wanted to test out the lighting so I imported a C-3PO I had made. I was kinda loopy, it was 5 a.m. and I posed him in the field and I thought oh, that looks pretty good."

Hagey posted it online and the internet went CRAZY.

"I was like 'oh, this could be a thing.'"

Ummm...that's an understatement. Fans have gone nuts for Yoda giving a 'one finger salute', Darth Vader sipping tea or Stormtroopers riding a bicycle built for two.

"People say all kinds of things, but my favorite is the people who don't say anything - they just stare," said Kyle.

He creates everything in these pieces from the grass on the ground, to the twinkle in Darth Vader's eye. It's all completely CGI.

"All the flowers all 3D, all the mountains," said Kyle. "It's really cool what computers can do now, the level of technology. It's crazy."

While it took him a while to get here - his creativity and hard work is finally paying off, and paying the rent. But we had to he worried about Disney or George Lucas giving him a hard time over this??

"I did for a little bit," Kyle laughs. "I talked to a couple people at Disney and they all loved it - and the lawyers I talked to say this is considered parody, like Weird Al does song parodies or SNL does Donald Trump skits [so it's] considered fair use."

For now, Kyle is content with showing the world the lesser known, more delicate side of some of Sc-Fi's greatest heroes and villains.

Check out more of his work in the gallery, or buy the portraits on his website or at the Fremont Farmer's Market.