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Find your one and only with this awesome dating app!

The dating app that will help you find your 'Everything Bagel'

He’s cute.

Aw, cute dog too.

He has a PhD from Yale?

And runs marathons?

He can do a handstand?

Is this guy even real?

Is that even his dog?!

Dating apps like Tinder have certainly made it possible, in theory, to meet someone you like, but in practice there’s a lot more swiping, ghosting and explicit photography than many would hope.

In 2012, three sisters in NY were done with the game. They wanted a safe, fun and easy way to find quality dating experiences and as singles, they wanted to help other singles feel good about dating. Together, they created Coffee Meets Bagel.

The Kang sisters’ product differs from others dating apps in that it’s female-focused and designed to take into account the variations in dating styles between men and women. Below are some of the most delightful things about Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB).

1. The daily Bagels

Instead of a free-for-all, CMB slows things down. Every day at noon, women get six matches and men get 21. The theory is that men love selection and women are selective. Of course, this isn’t just a theory – it’s what the research conducted by the founders revealed about how many options men and women want each day. LGBTQ users receive the same number of matches each day at noon regardless of their sex.

The matches then have seven days to chat, exchange information and set up a date. If they don't, on day eight the conversation shuts down and the match goes away. After all, who wants an eight-day-old Bagel?

This format puts an end to infinite swiping, gives men and women the volume of matches they’re looking for and takes the awkwardness out of passing on someone who is interested in you.

Anyone can also use the “Discover” function to find Bagels beyond their daily Bagels and start conversations. These folks might not be a perfect match in terms of your preferences (5’ 11.5” instead of 6’) but could be well worth a little clicking.

2. The profile info

The prompts on CMB help users write quick profiles that reveal who they are, what they like, and what they like in a date. By taking the focus away from pictures (though profiles do include pictures), CMB helps facilitate more authentic connections.

3. The security

Another nice feature of CMB is that your name is private until you’ve mutually matched with someone, and you can report inappropriate behavior. After two reports, offending accounts are temporarily halted pending investigation. When it comes to safety and security, these features are a big deal. You might never receive an unsolicited explicit photo from a creepy random person ever again.

4. That icebreaker



What’s up?

Not much, you?

Not much…

Now what?! It can be hard to know what to talk about in spontaneous chats with attractive strangers, but CMB opens each conversation with an icebreaker to get the ball rolling. Say goodbye to your cheesy pickup lines, because CMB will help you bypass the awkward part and get right to legitimate conversation.

If you get into Coffee Meets Bagel, you won’t be the only one clicking around. CMB has already facilitated 10 million introductions in Seattle and has made over 100,000 + happy couples worldwide. It’s popular among students as well as professionals who work in fields like software engineering, nursing, finance, marketing, education and consulting.

For those who don’t want to go on a dating show, aren’t serious enough for and are sick of the Tinder madness, Coffee Meets Bagel is totally worth a try.

To learn more, visit or download the app from iTunes or Google Play.