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The “convenience” of giving back: How the Lottery helps local stores like ABC Convenience

The 'convenience' of giving back: How the Lottery helps local stores like ABC Convenience

There are almost 575,000 small businesses in the state of Washington, but no two are the same. Each locally-owned company adds a certain flair to its community.

Take ABC Convenience Grocery in Des Moines, Wash. The locals couldn’t imagine their community without ABC’s neighborly owner, Yun McBride.

“He’s such a friendly guy, so gregarious to everybody,” says ABC Convenience customer Ron Whitlow. “And I just feel like I want to keep him in business.”

Over the past 11 years, ABC has developed into a neighborhood favorite as a local hub and gathering place. People can stop in to buy everything from Lottery tickets, soda, and live worms, or just sit down and stay awhile. Pop by on a Wednesday and you’ll see a crowd gathered to hear the weekly winning Lottery numbers.

“My customers are the best in the whole world. They really are,” McBride says. “I’m blessed to be here that long. And they support me. They’re very loyal.”

As rewarding as it is for McBride to have such loyal customers, owning a convenience store has its challenges. That’s where Washington’s Lottery comes in.

As a Lottery retailer, McBride earns money for every ticket he sells - money he can put toward general expenses or rent. In fact, Washington’s Lottery gave nearly $34 million to retailers like McBride last year.

For McBride, the Lottery gave him a chance to create his own domino effect by starting an annual golf tournament that funds scholarships for deserving students in Des Moines and Normandy Park.

His goal? He hopes that someday, a person who received a scholarship from this golf tournament will do something great with their education. “Maybe that manifests down to later in life,” McBride says. “When they say, ‘I was a recipient, how can I give back?’”

The money raised from Washington’s Lottery has a ripple effect across the state, says Dean Renner, who works for the Washington’s Lottery. He says he’s proud to work for an organization that makes a difference for people like McBride. “He’s a great person,” says Renner. “He makes a point of difference on why people come to his store and to hear Lottery is an important part of that is good to hear.”

Washington’s Lottery is proud to contribute to the people, community, and organizations that make our state so great. To learn more, visit