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(Image: Joshua Lewis / Seattle Refined)

The Acro-Cats take Seattle to a whole new level

Just when you think you've seen it all, along comes a travelling troupe of acrobatic cats. Acro-Cats are performing through this Sunday at the Seattle Center.

The show is run and emceed by Samantha Martin, who owns almost all of the cats in the show.

"Yes, they all live with me," Martin says. "Needless to say - I'm single!"

The show is littered (pun intended) with humor as Martin and her two "highly-trained cat experts" take around 10 cats (and a chicken!) through a dizzying array of leaps, bounds, jumps, and balancing acts.

The most awe-inspiring part of the show is that any human can get a cat to do anything on command. Cats, by definition, seem to usually do whatever they want to, at will. And true to form, there were a couple times during the show we attended where the cats literally just walked off stage in the middle of their acts.

"Please just ignore them," Martin instructs us. "They do this all the time. They'll come sauntering back when they feel like it.

And indeed they do. Especially when Martin or one of her team blows a two-tone whistle, which sends any cat out on the floor running back to their crates.

"All this training has been done by something called click training," said Martin. "It's as simple as it sounds. Hold the clicker and when they do something good, click once and give them a treat. And then just basically ignore the bad stuff."

Martin and her cats are in town through Sunday the 22nd, with tickets going at $24. If you're a cat enthusiast, have young kids, or just want to experience something kind of crazy - we recommend it.