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Yoga is something that we’ve all probably tried in once in the privacy of our own home, or at a community event. (Image: Corepower Yoga Facebook)

Take advantage of ALL the fitness deals this January

Getting fit in the New Year is pretty much on everyone’s list. The commitment of an annual pass to some gym is a pretty huge commitment...and I know I wouldn’t want to look at automated billings for months on end after realizing I didn't like the place!

Lucky for us, almost every gym, studio and class in the city is offering some sort of New Year Deal to get you in the door. Why commit to a year, when you could test the waters for free?

Here are some local places offering free classes for first timers. Hop around till you find your best match for a fitter year ahead!


Located in South Lake Union, Cyclebar knows how to get riders to stick after their first free class. I was greeted by their lovely staff who showed me to a locker that they had personalized for me with essentials like a water bottle, hand sanitizer, lip balm, and a cute note. The studio has amazing amenities that include fresh fruit so if you ever forget to fuel up beforehand, you’re covered! With a variety of instructors, you’re sure to have a fresh experience every time.

CorePower Yoga

Yoga is something that we’ve all probably tried in once in the privacy of our own home, or at a community event. But there is something about being in a studio that is made for the experience. CorePower has heat and humidity controlled rooms will definitely enhance your mindful workout. There are several locations throughout the Seattle area now so find one that’s closest to you to try a whole free week of classes!

Pure Barre

Small movements that make you wonder why you decided to do this in the first place - but in the best possible way! The studio offers a free week that may be enough time for you to fall in love with it.


Maybe it’s something you’ve always thought about. What is this curious phenomenon that people are obsessed over? Who knows - maybe after trying it, you'll be one of them! There’s probably a CrossFit gym close to your home or workplace, and it’s worth a shot to check this map to see! Most have a free first class or a free personal training session.


You can’t decide. Or maybe you’re someone who needs variety of classes to keep you going. ClassPass may be your solution. It is exactly as it sounds, where you get to pick whichever studio to attend classes at from their extensive list of affiliated locations. You could choose an aerial yoga class one day and pilates another day. They’ve got a 70 percent off deal (with code “NEWYEAR”) going on right now, so go for it!