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There's a Lego Maniac in Tacoma

Dan Parker is an artist - and Lego is his medium.

“I played with Legos as a kid," said Parker. "When I was 5 up into the time I was 10, I got out of it and into teenager things."

But he came back to the little bricks when he was 30, and since then - he hasn't slowed down. In fact, he's built his business around it.

City Blocks in Tacoma features a Lego studio where Parker builds his creations. He says if a client can dream it up, he can build it. He even THINKS in Lego bricks.

“Landscapes, robots, mechanical things, machinery, cars, I like the architecture of it, historical architecture and science fiction architecture," said Parker. "World class skyscrapers - other buildings that may be shorter but are quite interesting. We’ve made a 40,000 piece 10-foot tall Statue of Liberty.

Get this - he's even made a casket for a client.

"I know, kind of crazy.”

Known a kid or adult who would ADORE a Lego party? Parker and his vast collection of Lego are available for get-togethers and corporate events.