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According to The News Tribune, Martinez made her acting debut on Netflix's original dramedy, "Orange is the New Black" earlier this week as Latina pimp, "Daddy." (Image courtesy of @viccimartinez / instagram).

Tacoma singer Vicci Martinez makes her acting debut in 'Orange is the New Black'

You may remember Tacoma native Vicci Martinez and her run on NBC's "The Voice" back in 2011, but the singer is making her way to Netflix queues (and laptop screens) near you!

Our friends over at The News Tribune helped us put two and two together on why the character of 'Daddy' on the newest season of 'Orange Is The New Black' looks so familiar. BECAUSE IT'S OUR VERY OWN TACOMA STAR, Martinez!

The singer turned actress joined the award-winning cast for Season 6, and quickly stole the show as a Latina pimp in max, where many of the characters from previous seasons had been moved.

We won't give anything away, as we know you've only had a couple days to binge - but lets just say Daddy doesn't take no crap from anyone.

TNT reports that Martinez was already a huge fan of the prison show when producers reached out to her asking for an audition tape. After reading about the character, Martinez felt a connection to Daddy and was off to the Big Apple, putting Tacoma in her rear view.

Producers of the show liked Martinez's read so much that they expanded her role, which was originally only slotted for a few weeks. Not only is she a ~big shot actress~ now, but Martinez is dating fellow co-star, Emily Tarver, who plays correctional officer McCullough. Finding love AND a big break?! Now that's amazing luck!

Martinez is now a full-time NYC resident and has plans to stay in the acting world but we will always think of her as our very own Tacoma gal.

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