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(Image: Alexandra Celia / Seattle Refined)

The Ultimate Survival Guide to Wedding Season

It’s that time of year where your friends start asking, “how many weddings do you have this summer?” Whether you’re attending as a friend, part of the bridal party, or just there for the free food and drinks, there’s no doubt that wedding season is in full swing! I’m gearing up to be a bridesmaid for the 9th time in a couple weeks and because of that, would deem myself somewhat of an expert in this arena. So, I decided to put together a survival guide of everything you’d need to know to make it through this current wedding season and seasons to come!


Whether you love to wear 6-inch stilettos or are strictly a sneaker head, it’s a given that at some point in the night, your feet will be killing you. I went to one wedding recently that had buckets of flip-flops next to the dance floor and I thought this was GENIUS. Nobody wants to be busting a move while their feet are pinched and blistered - it really kills the vibe. Throw some flats or flip-flops in your car or purse and have them on handy for the post-ceremony activities.


This is clutch. Especially in Seattle, so many brides take the gamble of having their ceremonies outside. This summer in particular is far too hot for the true die-hard Seattleites and our bodies are not adjusted to such high temps! Sure, you may be sweaty and your hair may be sticking to your face, but there is never an excuse for poor hygiene. Put a travel stick in your clutch just in case and it may come in handy for other guests or people in the wedding party as well.


You don’t want to be running around figuring out what to wear day of or have to buy a new outfit every time an invitation comes your way. Have two go-to dresses that you can pull depending on the type of wedding you’re attending. For a daytime wedding, something light, flowy, and a bit more casual is perfect. A knee-length floral or pastel colored dress would be perfect for daytime and still versatile.

Your second outfit is for the fancier weddings in the evening. Either your favorite LBD, or wide-leg jumpsuit would be perfect for a night wedding. Having these two looks picked out ahead of time will save you a lot of time and energy down the line. Make sure to double-check the attire on the invitation and always err on the side of being over-dressed as opposed to under. Just avoid wearing anything white of course!


Keep in mind that the bride and groom have planned every detail of their wedding based off of their guest count. You don’t want to be that person that shows up unannounced and doesn’t have a spot at the sit-down dinner or brought a guest without asking. That would make for a very uncomfortable and frustrating situation and nobody wants a buzz kill on their big day. Misplaced the invitation? No problem- now most couples have an online website full of details as well as places to RSVP to make it as easy as possible. Who wants to deal with stamps anyways?


As much as we’re all hesitant to do this, we also know that “vibrate” is still not “silent.” You want to avoid that awkward moment when the couple is exchanging vows and your phone is buzzing (or worse-ringing!) in your purse and everyone is giving you the side-eye. Not that that’s happened to meok, maybe it has. And it was the worst, so don’t do it!


There are so many unforeseen moments when someone’s hair is falling out of it’s up-do, a member of the family has a headache (or hangover), or an appetizer gets spilled on a dress pre-ceremony. Some great basics to include are:

  • Tide To-Go Stick
  • Advil or IB Profen
  • Cleansing wipes
  • Feminine Products
  • Bandaids
  • CHAPSTICK (because everyone ALWAYS needs it)
  • Bobby pins
  • Hand sanitizer


You can’t have too much kleenex no matter your role. There are always tears shed at every wedding (hopefully they're happy ones) and you don’t want to be stuck with black mascara streaks on your cheeks or glistening snot sparkling in the sun. Be prepared with kleenex and if you’re a bridesmaid, make sure to hide some in your bouquet in case you or the bride are in dire need!