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Yeah, we swooned. (Image: Andy Grammer Facebook)<p></p>

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There are people out there who - even if you've never met them - you just know are cool people. You can just tell, you know?

Andy Grammer, in my opinion, is one of them. Come on! The guy sings primarily about love, happiness and joy, and it seems like he spends his free time making hilarious Instagram videos with his infant daughter Louisiana.

So when we heard he's be stopping by the station to do some interview, we were nervous. What if he's not that fun? What if it's all a show?

Don't worry everyone, he is JUST (if not more) charming, in person. He was even cool about me admitting right away that I spent the day semi-stalking him and his daughter on Instagram. The hashtag alone is genius: #LouieInstaGrammer (her name is Louisiana and they call her Louie).

"She's really cute but the hashtag is really good too," Grammer laughs. "The best part of being a dad is it's my favorite thing to talk about! [Now] when I go across the country, radio people like you only ask about my baby - I'm like 'This is great! This is way better than talking about music, let's always talk about my daughter she's the cutest.'"

Ok, guilty as charged - the first question I asked was about his daughter! But in my defense, I did move on to his music (eventually). First I had to know more about that name.

"So her name is Louisiana, and her nickname is Louie," he said. "My wife is from Louisiana, You know, I travel all around the country and I feel like Louisiana is just the best at joy. Have you been there? It's really special."

And if you've heard any of Grammer's biggest hits ("Keep Your Head Up", "Fine By Me", "Honey I'm Good") - you know that joy is a predominant theme for him.

"I will say it's really hard to make music that isn't cheesy - that is happy," admitted Grammer. "If you sit down and start playing major chords, automatically it's cheesy! So I spent a lot of time and energy, because we are happy in life and somehow when you transfer that into music it gets cheesy - so I think for someone who has done it successfully a couple of times that's what people think."

His newest single out now is called "Give Love".

"[It's something] the world could always use," he said. "So it seemed like a good time to have a song called 'Give Love.'"

He couldn't tell me about it at the time of our interview - it was THAT TOP SECRET - but since then Grammer as announced he has a new album and tour on the way in late 2017 and 2018. The newest single on that album, out now, is called "Smoke Clears".

Pro Tip: He'll be back in Seattle for the tour on March 21, 2018! Tickets are on sale now.